one cold morning،Meg and Jo didnt want to get up. I dont want to 

work today, Meg said. I want to stay at home too, Jo said, but we cant

do that. Meg was the teacher for four children in the King family. The

job was difficult because the children only wanted to play. Jo worked

at Aunt March,s house. Aunt March was father,s sister but she had a

lot of money. Jo liked her house because she had a lot of books but

aunt March was an angry woman and Jo didnt always like her. Ann

went to school every day. Beth was a very quiet girl and she didnt

want to go to school.She helped Hannah in the house and she had a

teacher at home.In the afternoon, Jo came home from aunt March,s

house.She looked up at the Laurence,s big house.Laurie was at a

window.Jo called: Hello.How are you?Are you sick? Laurie answered

No, I was sick but now I,m well again.Come and talk to me.Jo went

into Laurie,s house and they talked.Jo thought "Laurie dosent see

many people, only old Mr Laurence and his teacher Mr Brooke. What

are you thinking Miss Jo? Laurie said.She answered come and visit

us.You can meet mother and my sisters.Beth can play the piano and

Amy can stay for you.Meg and I can talk to you. Laurie smiled and

said : I,d like that. There was a noise at the door then Aurie said

Excuse me, the docter is here.Can you wait? "Yes, of course"Jo said

In the room there was a picture of Mr Laurence. Jo looked at it and

said :His face isnt very friendly but i like him. "Thank you" said a man

behind her.It was old Mr Laurence ! Jo,s face was very red but the old

man smiled.How do you do? he said: come and sit with me.Laurie

came back and Jo talked about her family with him and Mr Laurence

After this visit, the March girls often played at Laurie,s house and he

came to their home.Beth often played the piano there.It was a good

piano and Mr Laurence liked listening to her music.I had a little girl

with your eyes, he said to her, one day, she played the piano too.She

was Laurie,e mother.Then one day there was a piano in the march

family,s front yard.The letter on it said " To Miss Elizabeth March", For

me! Beth said. yes it,s a present for you from Mr Laurence, Jo said

Quiet little Beth went quickly to the big house. "Thank you,Thank you

she said to the old man.Then she kissed him. After that,the Marches

and the Laurences were very good friends

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